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Technical Copywriting from Barefoot Data Science

I’ve decided to more explicitly offer my services for technical copywriting. I thought it would be useful to add a quick look at what I can offer.

Technical Copywriting versus Just Copywriting

In reality there’s not much difference between technical copywriting and any other sort of copywriting. I am willing to take on just about any type of project if I have time available, because I mostly just love writing.

The reason I specify technical copywriting is that I am a tech and science geek. I understand and love technology and science. And I understand and love what others would see as technobabble. Not everyone can write about technical topics, and that is a skill set that I have available. I would rather take on a job where I can provide a genuine benefit, instead of just taking work away from another copywriter, hence the focus.

Services offered:

  • Copywriting – To put it simply, I can write necessary texts for product documentation, commercials, presentations, internal videos, or really anything where text is needed. I will need to discuss what needs to be in the text, and get a sense of your end goals.
  • Text Consultancy – If you have an idea or a preliminary text, but need someone to help to polish the finalized text while still keeping your own voice, I can help you make changes that will help get you to your desired end result.
  • Secondary services, see below


Here’s a look at some work I’ve done in the past.

The following four videos were done for my partner, VitaraCharts.

My blog contains some personal writing, though this may not be 100% indicative of the work I would do for you. Please see the note below on simplicity :

Pluralsight is a company I created an online course for – you can see the overview I wrote for the course here.

Simplicity is my focus

If you review my blog, you’ll see that my own writing style may not reflect this, but trust me when I say that when I’m writing copy for clients, simplicity is my primary concern. I believe the commercials above will demonstrate this.

I find that the key with copywriting is to engage people in a way that sounds natural, but will still stick in their brains. The words we choose must be immediately understood, direct, and focused.

Beyond writing

I have multiple skills and interests, and I can bring them to the table for small or medium customers.

  • I have experience doing voice over work: If you want examples of my work, see videos 3 and 4 above, or check out my class on Pluralsight.
  • I have been composing music for the last quarter century, so I can provide my own music. Again, videos 3 and 4 above are examples.
  • I have worked as an illustrator, and can provide illustrations or mockups where necessary.

This isn’t just useful for the final product, of course. I can use these skills to conceptualize your final project, create a preliminary version, and make it easier for you to work with other dedicated resources.

NOTE: If you’re able to hire dedicated resources for this work, I recommend it. I’m primarily a writer, and any professional who focuses primarily on art, voiceover, or music will be able to give you more options and faster turnaround.